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From initial concept to final realization, we carry out every job with truly unique results. This and much more in our repertoire.

Performing Arts

To enliven your event or party, we produce shows that perfectly fit the concept of your event. We are fully adaptable and can also advise you for any step in your process. We can integrate a wide range of requests and regularly pull tallent from our wonderful collective of performers, be they dancers, acrobats, parkurists, musicians, singers, painters, or athletes of any kind.


We cover every part of the creative process, be it concept, theme, scenario, dramaturgy, styling, and/or final creative for any field of performing arts. Be it a small, intimate show, a video clip, or a large-scale event, we listen and strive to connect the right performance and outcome with the right client/audience.


We are able to meet your requirements in the areas of booking - modeling, performing arts, film and advertising. We have a large database of artists who are not only our close friends, but are also instrumental to our business. This makes for a wonderful atmosphere and high level of professionalism when working. We have at our disposal dancers, acrobats, singers, musicians, choreographers, performers, models, presenters, free runners, and more.


High-quality music and a seamless visual aspects are among some of the most important elements when carrying out any kind of project. We care deeply about both overall impact and sensitive details. We are ready to help you both with the music mix and the production of the entire clip. 

We can do
We Are

We are

We are a team of four equal partners, fulfilling our vision of performing arts.


Each one of us is a lover of dance, music, handcrafts and self wisdom. After years of experience in these areas and a long-standing, close friendship, we have decided to join forces under one name diVize - crafts & minds. We not only create for our personal needs and fulfillment, but also for our clients. We know our strengths and potential, and above all, believe in the talented people we surround ourselves with. Artists, dancers, musicians, painters, graphic artists all with unique personalities that fit any project. We use our skills and best contacts to create unforgettable results.

Wahe AkopjanZuzana Zizoe VeseláSilvia Ravasová



Prague, Pilsen, Brno

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