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A Slovak native currently working in Prague. Her work in dance has opened doors to creativity, coordination and general management of events. She is the presenter and author of talk show Úterní Ženy.

Úterní ženy,Urban Culture Games 2015,2016, 2017, Unexpected Beach Bar Centrum Chodov, Unexpected Food Festival Centrum Chodov, 

Wargaming on the Gamescom 2016, Ben Cristovao Live Tour 2016 ,Adidas SMM Conferences 2014- 2015,Europe Adidas Conference Budapest 2013, Metropole Zličín Fashion Show 2013/2014, Hilton NYE 2014, TOP Secret Fashion Show 2013, Kanye West Europien TOUR, Adam Mišík - Tvoje světy, The Portless - Dream a dream,  Samsung, Ceny Anděl, Davis Cup Praha.

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